HHS Diverting Funds To Accommodate Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Minors!!!!!!!

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Unsurprisingly, there’s been a major surge in illegal entry in the US after Trump won the election, but, before he takes office. Of course, president Zero is doing what he has always done about this problem, which is, nothing.

Now, much of the surge isn’t some group of people seeking seasonal work, it’s illegals sending their children across the border, after they’ve found themselves an asylum (sanctuary city) to reside in.

Of course, instead of sending the intact family back across the border, the Feds hang on to the children for a while and seek legal residents (preferably family) to house them with. All of this, of course, costs $billions to accommodate. The costs have risen so much that our Health and Human Services (HHS) is diverting money from other more legitimate programs to house the poor angels.

Apparently, the federal program to care for these poor little rascals has…

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