We Import Over 100,000 H1Bs Every Year ……

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While we import over 100,000 tech workers a year on H1B visas, we’re going to lay off over one hundred thousand tech workers this year.

Here’s the take-home quote from the article …….

Mark Haranas, of tech news website CRN, which earlier in the day reported Cisco would eliminate potentially as many as 14,000 jobs, told FOXBusiness.com the tech industry is cutting the dead weight.

The jobs cuts are necessary to shed some staff in order to bring on new employees with the skillset needed in today’s market.

Fascinating. Some tech worker in 2011, who managed a degree, who understood all the nuances and implications of networking in 2011, suddenly can’t read, Google, or keep up with the changes now …… or something.

Ageist much, Mark Haranas? Oh, yeh, networking is sooooooo much harder, today. Plug-n-play is so tricky compared to having to play with comm ports and…

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