Never Trumpers Embarrassing Everyone At The RNC

Look, if you can’t get on fire for Trump (I understand), at least you can surely get on fire for defeating Hillary. If you can’t get on fire for defeating Hillary,”………………….

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Look, everyone who reads this blog knows I’m no fan of Trump. I think the Repubs went the wrong way. But, that’s the way they chose. The entire issue was settled when Trump went over the amount of bound delegates necessary to secure the Republican nomination. It was over months ago. Now, Never Trumpers wanted to change the rules of the nomination to unbound the bounded delegates. And, they’re really, really madz because they were told “no”.

CLEVELAND – Republican officials hastily adopted a set of much-contested convention rules Monday, setting off an unruly protest from anti-Donald Trump delegates on the first day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Those anti-Trump forces had hoped to challenge the rules that bind delegates to vote for the presumptive GOP nominee, as part of a last-ditch bid to at least disrupt his march to the nomination. But the convention’s presiding officer, Arkansas…

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