Shock News!!!!! Communists Are Violent!!!!

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Yes, I know, we’re all shocked —– shocked, I say, to hear and read that May Day “celebrations” turned violent. It happens all over the world every May 1. But, it is pretty disheartening to read about it happening in the U.S.

(CNN)May Day protests in Seattle turned violent on Sunday, as protesters lit fireworks and threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at police, Seattle Police said.

After a peaceful march was held earlier in the day, nine people were arrested and five officers were injured in the clashes, according to police.

Flash bangs deployed on crowd on 2nd

— Thomas Lin (@TLinkomo4) May 2, 2016

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray thanked police for their “extraordinary work” in a statement.

“It is unfortunate and deeply regrettable that in a city that goes to incredible lengths to respect First Amendment rights, there are some who disregard our values and…

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