Why I Don’t Blog Much Anymore ……. Things Like Salon And More

suyts space

No, I just don’t have it in me, at this time. I might sometime in the future, but, now ….. it’s just not there.

In my estimation, a blog post should be informative, and should offer a perspective of intellectual origin. That is to say, you take some current event or utterance, give some background and/or insight, and then, your own unique perspective, then, let the people discuss, and hopefully come to some right and proper conclusion. Sometimes, you don’t even have to write anything, the notions are perfectly inferred with the right audience. Every day, there are countless things to write about … but, more and more, there’s simply the perfect inference which needs not stated or written. It’s disheartening. It’s vacant.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking/writing about ………


One of the problems I have is that I have always been instructed that “hating” people is wrong…

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