Tonight, New York!!!! New York!!!!

suyts space

Keeping with my GOP presidential nomination obsession, (Some obsessions are good to have!) I thought I’d jot a few notes about what’s going on tonight.

Tonight is the New York primaries, for both the Repubs and the Dims.

The Dim side is boring. I think Hillary will take it ….. I mean through the popular vote statewide and in most districts, but, it won’t matter much because they have a lot of super-delegates, so, even if she loses, she’ll win. Besides, it doesn’t matter which wins the Dim nomination, both will evoke nausea thinking that so many Americans actually voted for either. It’s like the Dims intentionally picked the two people most likely to elicit a recoil/gag reflex from normal Americans.

The interest should be focused on the GOP nomination.


Tonight, it isn’t a question of if Trump wins, but, by how much. He’s taken a drubbing over the last…

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