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Well, I’d use “Random Thoughts”, but, that’s already taken.

The word “primary” connotes a “secondary”. …… Just thought I’d share that with some Trump supporters unaware of the rules of the Republican party. Well, and to the Donald, himself, who seems surprised there is actually something which comes after the “primaries”. To the Cruz supporters all abuzz about this —— loose lips sink ships!!!!! Brag about stuff after you accomplish them, not before, you morons!

WTF is 1.5% native American? I can’t recall the reader who brought this up, but, someone at Suyts mentioned this some time ago. 1.5% is bs. ….. Well, I suppose you could have someone who was 2% native American who copulated with someone who was 1% native American. …….. Let’s see if I can …… if you had a grand parent who was 100% native American and no other native American blood in…

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