I Tried To Stay Out Of This …. Latest Cruz/Trump Roil

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Well, I know this will be unpopular with some readers. But, I call a spade a spade.

. The most recent drama exemplifies why I will never vote for, nor support Donald Trump. He’s a scumbag.

For those who may not know, a PAC recently aired an ad with a near naked Mrs. Trump stating that ‘this is your next first lady’. Classless and tasteless, to be sure. The PAC is called “Make America Awesome”, which is an anti-Trump PAC, but, not a pro-Cruz PAC. It has no affiliation with Cruz. Indeed, it would be a federal crime were the PAC to coordinate with the Cruz campaign, which, they wouldn’t because they’re not pro-Cruz.

Undeterred by facts and any sense of reality or decency, Trump, via Twitter, personally threatened to attack Mrs. Cruz in some bizarre from of retaliation. Cruz, via Twitter, let Trump know the ad wasn’t from his…

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