Super Tuesday II !!!!!!

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Well, I wasn’t going to post today, but, today is probably the biggest day in the Republican primary …… so far. The field has winnowed to 4, …… well, 3 now, and it may be 2 before the night is over. Or, if it is a Trump sweep, perhaps it will just be Trump.

It won’t be a Trump sweep…… probably. But, I thought I’m watching, I’m here …. so why not give a rolling commentary for tonight? I’ll try to cover state by state. First up is Florida!!!!

As we can see, it’s over for little Marco. Yes, mathematically, it’s still possible for Rubio to win Florida. It’s just not feasible. He’d have to carry …. what? 60-70% of the remaining votes to win Florida. That’s just not going to happen. Rubio has vowed to stay on fighting and go to Wyoming. At this point, even his wife and…

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