Political Roundup From Suyts!!!!!

suyts space

Well, I’ve some things to sound off about …… and they’re only tangent in connections. But, they are connected.


Over last week, we saw where some violence broke out at some Trump gatherings. Indeed, in Chicago, they cancelled the gathering even before Trump could make it there. Political pundits and talking heads all over the country were quick to condemn …….. Trump. Even after some pinhead tried to rush the stage Trump was speaking from.

The Republican rivals were quick to pile on Trump, as well. I was totally and wholly sickened by their responses. Every damned one of them.

As everyone who reads this site knows I’m no Trump fan, I’ll still call it as I see it. The people responsible for the violence are the dumbasses committing the violence …… be it some scumbag in the audience, or other scumbags committed to violating their fellow Americans’ First Amendment…

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