They Must Really, Really Hate Cruz …… Super Tuesday Fallout!!!! ….. And Thoughts On A Brokered Convention

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Well, I’ve had too many beers, tonight, to adequately do this justice. But, I thought I’d jot a note about what happened last night. ….. at least from my perspective.

For Trump, Tuesday kinda went as it was suppose to. There were no big surprises. There were a couple of mild ones. Last polls I could see had Cruz winning Arkansas, but, Trump won that one. Cruz returned the favor in Oklahoma. Little Marco made it closer in Virginia than it was suppose to be, and Kasich made it closer in Mass than it was suppose to be. All in all, it was a solid for Trump, with just a little slippage. He did, pretty much, as well as he was expected to do. I’ve seen some pundits call it for Trump. I’ve seen others say that a “brokered convention” is the only other way. …….. They’re both laughable.



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