Floors And Ceilings ……. A Political Post

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Well, I wanted to spend more time on this post, because, it’s about concepts more than personalities. I hope people will read this with that in mind.

One of the things which drive me absolutely batty is acts of stupidity. I use it as a guide to help chose the people to support, or rather, not support.

Now, I’ve made it clear as to who I support in the Repub race, and who I do not support. But, that’s not what this post is about. It’s about floors and ceilings.

“Floors and ceilings” may be a term people who play fantasy football would be familiar with. For instance, a running back, who is impressive but, shares time in the backfield with another running back has a lower ceiling than a similar running back who does not share time with another running back. That is to say, the running back who…

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