How Low Have “We The People” Become?

suyts space

My goodness!

So, while reading news about the Iowa caucuses last night, I came across a video which really, really, really, depressed me.

The video was made for the Cruz campaign, I think. It shows him winning over a corn farmer in a campaign stop.

The focus of this post isn’t Cruz, or how good or poor his arguments were (they were pretty good), but, rather, the poor pathetic shlep who believes he’s entitled to our money simply because he’s a corn farmer who chooses to live off of our teets.

Here’s a fellow from the mid-west. A farmer. And, he’s demanding our money so he can continue to help provide the US with a less efficient, incredibly wasteful, more costly fuel. Why? Well, he doesn’t explain why he believes he deserves our money, he’s just mad because he heard Cruz wants to do away with his freebee.

Apparently, Cruz…

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