More From Suyts Victory Lap!!!!! Lack Of Global Warming Documented!!!!

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One of the many things I’m proud of from this blog is that I was one of the few climate bloggers who refused to allow the alarmists to arbitrarily pick their start date on the temperature data sets. Even today we see many blogs who still let the alarmists dictate and define the temperature trends.

The above graph is from one of the satellite derived temperature data sets (RSS). I was one of the first to note the negative decadal trend from RSS …… Today, it’s much more than a decade. 15 full years of a declining trend in the temp data. …… well, that’s just from this century. It’s been negative since June of 1997, creeping up on 20 years with no warming noted.

I believe it was bloggers like me which caused the change of terms from global warming to climate change. Open-mouthed smile

There is…

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