My First Post And The Destruction Of An Iconic Alarmist Meme!!!!!

suyts space

Well, we’re on our victory lap, so, of course, we start at the start. My very first post was to poke a little at a graph which was often employed by the alarmist lunatics throughout the world ……. the dreaded Spring snow cover decline!

While my first post was rough (I was just trying to figure out the posting of graphics and the like) it was the start of the end for the iconic alarmist graph. I don’t see it much, anymore. It used to be trotted out on a daily basis from one place or another. Here’s the latest rendition.

Now, most would know by now the several problems with this graph. In all humility, I’ve got to say we were probably a large part of the reason why many know to point these things out, now. When I started posting on the snow cover, there weren’t a lot…

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