Open Thread While I Sort Out My 64-bit Hotrod PC!!!

suyts space


Well, I had hoped this would have been a little less time consuming, but, not entirely unexpected.

As per one of my previous posts, I installed a 32-bit OS on my 64-bit PC.  So, last night I installed the 64-bit OS.  Unfortunately, you can’t “upgrade” to the 64 bit, it’s a whole new install.  So, all the essential crap one has to do to get the machine up and running like one likes it has to be done all over, again.  Things like syncing your emails (need to delete a bunch, apparently), installing programs you use daily, etc ….

I’m using the WordPress web app to post this, but, I don’t typically use it.  I use a different blogging tool (Live Writer), which is downloading (with a bunch of other stuff).  The downloading is slowed by MS deciding to download crap they think is essential, as well.  (It’s also slowed…

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