But, Can She Win In The National Election? And, Open Thread

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No, I’m not talking about Hillary, but, across the ocean there’s a much more interesting woman heading a party which has international ramifications.

Marine Le Pen’s National Front party just made French history in the regional elections held before a 2017 national election. This was just the first round (they have runoffs after this) but, they won the most votes with 29.4%, ahead of the conservatives and significantly ahead of the socialists.

Here’s why this is important. The National Front party is anti-EU and anti-immigration, that is to say, they’re pro-France and pro-French ……. if one loves their nation and their people above everyone else, it gets you labeled as “extreme far-right”.

But, with what is going on in Britain, if the NF were to pull off a victory or even a shared victory, then similar parties around Europe will likely be emboldened. Further, it would hasten the demise of…

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