Out Of Time, But, These Still Need Shown!!!

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The stupidity of the AP writers alone, in these offers, is worth a book or two, but, for now, this will have to do.

Here are some articles I read which I thought telling and interesting.

US wholesale stockpiles up 0.5 percent in September

The idiot writers somehow tried to spin this as good news, even though in the article they acknowledge the summer inventory build up is what exacerbated the fall GDP.

Then, there’s this …..

Rates soar at weekly auction of 3-month, 6-month US bills

WASHINGTON (AP) — Interest rates on short-term Treasury bills soared in Monday’s auction. The rate on the three-month bill reached its highest level since early 2011, while the six-month rate was the highest it’s been since mid-2009.

The Treasury Department auctioned $29 billion in three-month bills at a discount rate of 0.135 percent, up from 0.11 percent last week. Another $27 billion in…

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