The US Lost A Great Friend Today

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Kenneth D. Taylor passed after a bout with cancer.

He was the Canadian Ambassador to Iran during the Iranian Hostage crisis. He, and another Canadian diplomat, John Sheardown, hid six Americans who managed to escape the mob which took the rest of the Americans hostage. They later arranged for the six Americans to sneak out of Iran and to safety. The six were hid in the residences of the Canadians. They were later extracted from Iran by a ruse, having them pose as a Hollywood crew scouting film locations.

At the time, Canada had a policy of non-involvement. Heaven only knows what would have happened had the Americans been discovered while at Taylor’s and Sheardown’s residences.

The film “Argo” was made to represent this story, but, it wasn’t all that accurate and diminished Canada’s role in the event.

You can read more about the “Canadian Caper”. Here’s Wiki’s take.

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