Intentionally Deceptive Tendentiousness From MSNBC!!!!

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So, a bunch of murderous goat-humping lunatics have been rampaging in Israel, lately, randomly killing Jews, mostly by stabbing them to death. Israel has responded by killing some of the murderous goat-humping lunatics.

MSNBC, in their obvious support of terrorism posted this “map”.


A little history ……. In 1946 there was never a government called “Palestine”. Great Britain took the land from the Ottoman Empire (modern day Turkey) during WWI. The Ottomans had taken the land from other people ……. there’s a very long history of different entities taking control over the traditional and ancestral home of the Jews.

After WWII, the Brits ceded the land, with the UN’s blessing, to establish an independent state. Both the US and the USSR immediately recognized this new and independent state.

The maps above are conflations between individual private ownership and state rule, except for the fact there was never a state of…

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