And, This Is Why I’m Tired!!

suyts space


This afternoon, I had full intentions of writing several posts, today. It isn’t that I’m not still trying to retire from blogging, but, it is that I believe there are several interesting events to discuss, and things to find out. But, life happened. And, so, nearly 5 hours after my daily employment ended, I, just now, get to set down, with things still undone, and things unfinished. But, worse, things still unelucidated.

The pic above is of the newly elected Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Canada has taken a decidedly hard left turn in the most recent elections. My sympathies to our dear friends to the north. I do wish them continued safety, prosperity, and peace in the years to come. I sincerely hope Trudeau is great leader and guides Canada through some troubling times ahead. I’ve concerns, however.

Here’s another story I wished to write about …..

Principal holds…

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