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Today is a classic example as to why I’m tired of blogging. It isn’t because things aren’t interesting or not worth calling attention to, but, it’s because it’s the same crap, over and over, again.

Shock news!!!!!! There isn’t any connection between wildfires and the imaginary global warming!!!!

This is a headline which will quickly be forgotten if even acknowledged. But, it is shocking that it was reported by the LA Times. A sure sign the global warming/climate change issue is dead …… except for the power hungry cleptocrats … to them, it’s still an issue.

China’s economy is still sinking, and they’re still lying about their economy.

Venezuela still hates on people who provide food for their people, all the while, a significant portion of the US population fervently believe socialism is the way to go.

Meanwhile, Hungary definitively proves that fences do, indeed, work. (h/t…

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