A Comparison Of CNN Debate Viewers

suyts space


The blue bar is the amount of viewers CNN had for the Republican presidential debate less than a month ago, the red bar is for the Dim debate last night.

In my mind, this doesn’t mean much …….. yet. For the Dims, they currently have two serious contenders for their nomination. This may change, but, I doubt it will. I don’t expect the interest on the Dim side to wane much until after the primaries are over. If Hillary wins the nomination, some Sanders fans will pack up their toys and go home, but, not many. Dims don’t roll that way. This is why it’s easy to question the integrity of the average Dim voter. Nearly all of them, without hesitation will tell you with a straight face that they hate the “insider” establishment politician. But, it won’t matter. Hillary or Bernie, either gets the nomination, and, they’re all…

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