From Early This Morning!!!! It’s Been A Trip!!!!!

suyts space


Wow! What a fantastic trip this has been! I can’t possibly explain all that this has been to me, and all that this has done for me. I pray that this humble blog has been a blessing for those who have read it. I can’t believe I’ve written 8,700+ posts! Well, I didn’t write them all. Indeed, the far right number in the pic is mostly to the credit of our friend, Hank. As I recall, it was a post on Marcott’s idiocy.

The broad base of topics of this blog is one of the things I’m most proud of. It’s probably the thing I’m second most proud of. But, hands down, without question, the thing I am most proud of, regarding this blog, is the quality of the individual readers. I’ve never been associated with a brighter, good hearted, group of people. What I’ve learned from the commentators here…

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