As It Turns Out, We Should Have Elected Howard Hughes Decades Ago!!!!!

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For those who may not know, Howard Hughes was once one of the three richest men in the world. When he died, I think he still held the top 10 spot. … Maybe the #1 spot. Doesn’t matter. He was insanely rich. And, I’ve no doubt he was a very bright man. He had fantastic business sense. He was also quite insane. Don’t take my word for it, read about him! Read what he had to say.

Why am I posting about this great man? ….. (And he was great.) Here’s why. Trump had a response tonight ……

Trump answered: “I may be an entertainer. … but I will tell you this. What I am far and away greater than an entertainer is a businessman.”

Well, sure, let’s draft Bill Gates to be president! Clearly, he would be better than Trump.

Business is only familiar with economics as a whore…

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