A Disjointed Post …… And Assad Is Right!!!!!

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Well, I’ve had this post rolling through my mind for weeks now. I wanted to, and may still do, write a post which was much more comprehensive than the one I’m about to write.

You see, the events and advocacy which may seem unrelated are not unrelated. They’re indelibly linked, but, can’t be easily seen.

I wanted to write about Trump, and his appeal. Our border concerns, and Europe’s and why they’re happening. I wanted to write about GDP and debt maintenance. I wanted to show how it is no accident that most of the “refugees” invading Europe are able bodied young men and how that’s the image portrayed (inaccurately) of the illegals coming to the US.

I realized, though, this would take more than a chapter in a book. I can’t write about it all in a blog post.

The events in Syria, and the subsequent mass migration from…

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