Gems 2015 — September 12 Scripture Selection: Proverbs 23

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Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

September 12 Scripture Selection: Proverbs 23

Food for Thought: Prov. 23:20, 21; 29-35

(*There are just too many important truths to choose from in this chapter! So be sure to spend time meditating on each of its delicious morsels.)

Can we have a frank, nonjudgmental discussion about alcohol without knee-jerk reactions? If it has not become your crutch, your necessity for entertainment, or your god, then we can. And as long as we do not use the Bible to stab people, we can. Since it is a topic that comes up again and again in the Word, then we should examine it.

First, let’s be clear: Since we are made righteous by the sacrifice of Jesus and made free from the law of sin and death, there’ll be no pompous pointing of the fingers or demanding people to “clean up” and stop sinning. If we…

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