The Mad-Mad World We Live In ……

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This is so madly stupid it can only be true.

Teen Being Charged For Possessing Nude Pictures…Of Himself

Cormega Copening is a 17-year-old from North Carolina who is facing up to 10 years in prison for sexually exploiting a minor–himself. Copening and his 16-year-old girlfriend are legally able to consent to have sex with each other in the state of North Carolina, yet the fact that they sent nude pictures of themselves to each other (or, in Copening’s case, kept them on his phone) means that they are now both being charged with a crime.

Robby Soave over at Reason has more:

But first, to recap: Copening and his girlfriend—now identified as Brianna Denson—are like other teenagers in that they have more than a passing interest in sex. Indeed, when they were 16, they exchanged racy sexy photos via text message. Denson sent pictures to Copening, and Copening sent pictures…

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