A Ted Cruz Promo!!!! Some Unrecognized Actress Confronts Cruz!!! He Schools!!!!

suyts space

Who is Ellen Page? I honestly don’t know. Apparently, she’s some actress of note.

So, Ted Cruz was doing the political thing in Iowa, having a cook-out, ….. what not ….

So, some C bit celebe ……. well, I really don’t know, she could be A list or B list, or C list. I don’t know. She asked Ted Cruz about the LBGTMLNOPQXYZ something. He gave her a good spanking! …. No!!!! Not literally!

But, look how he warms to the discussion! Look at how he does this! Look at how he turns the question! Look at how he frames it on the fly!!! But, most of all, look at the content of his assertions! Any good argument against them? Someone? Anyone?

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