I wanted to be a statistician.

suyts space

Way back when, in a time so long ago, I had a love affair with numbers.  It started early and I found I had a feel for numbers.  Even in early elementary school, fractions, percentages, averages and the like came almost intuitive for me.  What could be more simple and truthful than 1+1=2?  I took great delight in the discovery of baseball cards!  What incredible fun they were!  When my dad introduced me to the World Almanac and Book of Facts, I was in heaven!  Even before I knew what R square meant, I could see trends and curves.  I had no idea what a sine wave was called, but I knew they existed.  As I grew a bit older, my fondness for numbers grew.  They were pure and truthful.  They were a representation of past, present, and future.  As I continued my education, mathematics of any sort was always…

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