Flashback!!!! Dividing By Zero!!!! And Open Thread!

suyts space


I don’t know, maybe it’s good to look back, from time to time.

Way back in Nov, 2011, I wrote this post!

Recently, I’ve been getting into some silly discussions regarding climate. Like many skeptics, I don’t typically rely on nor parrot journal approved papers. I prefer to think for myself as opposed to someone else thinking for me. Apparently, some alarmists perceive this as a weakness in the arguments. I don’t believe this. If I can state scientific truisms without first referencing some ideological dissertation that is masquerading as a work of science, then I think I’m a bit further ahead of my verbal sparring partners.

In the last couple of days, the silly hockey stick has risen its ugly head again. The newly released emails showing that there was, indeed, a consensus on Mann’s stick, and presumably, the clones, shows, it is garbage. In spite of these revelations…

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