Another Feel Good Story ……. Bad News!!! I May Live To Be 300 Hundred Years Old!!!! And, Fox News At It Again!!!!

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And, this is why I go to the source, rather than take articles at their face value. I got this from Fox, but, they left out the most important part of the article!

Here’s Fox’s story ….

110-year-old woman drank three beers and a shot every day for years

The secret to making it to 105 years old is apparently a daily dose of alcohol.

Making it five more years, however, means you may have to cut back.

Those are the lessons coming from Agnes Fenton, who turned 110 on Saturday, when she officially became a supercentarian.

Fenton started the regimen, she told ABC, on a doctor’s advice following the removal of a benign tumor.

But Fenton isn’t a spry 105 anymore and she’s had to tone it down since then. She eats little now and her caregivers are reluctant to give her alcohol, according to

Dr. Kenneth…

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