Heh!!! And, Yes, Please, Avoid Us …… Don’t Want Your Kind Around

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So, I got a kick out of this thing that I saw on FB, today. A “Coalition To Stop Gun Violence” had this to say ….


I thought, ‘hey, these are bragging points!!!’ So, being a proud Kansan, I thought I’d share! A new law was recently implemented in that one/anyone can carry a concealed weapon. We already had a law that anyone can carry a gun in the open. The cool thing is that now, you can assume most people are armed in Kansas. Never felt safer, because, in Kansas, we’re still predominantly Christian, or, at least have the Christian ethos and morals instilled in the populace. So, this means there are a lot more good guys with guns than bad guys.

So, for the girls who squeal about people having guns, I say, yes, please avoid Kansas. For proud and free men and women who believe it is…

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