Shock News!!!! EPA Exposed For Having No Mathematical Nor Statistical Ability!!!!

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They don’t, really, mostly because they don’t have to. They simply make crap up to impose onerous regulations on the American people. Mostly because they’re a bunch of anti-American watermelon zealots.

EPA distorts health benefits of mega-costly clean-air rule

EXCLUSIVE: The Environmental Protection Agency is exaggerating the potential health benefits—especially for children—it says result from a new rule that will set sharply lower ozone levels across the U.S., according to a detailed study of the EPA model. The study concludes many of the supposed benefits may already exist under current EPA standards.

The ozone rule, slated for publication in October is billed by its critics as the most expensive regulatory change in American history.

The current U.S. ozone standard, set in 2008, allows a maximum 75 parts per billion (ppb) of “ground-level ozone” —down from 84ppb in 1997– and is still being implemented. The new standard being considered by the…

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