So I Recently Had A FB Conversation With An Old School Chum About The Battle Flag …….

suyts space

His view is that the flag is inherently racist and represents a vile part of our American heritage and history. He likened waving the battle flag to Blacks as the same as waving a Swastika to Jews.

I disagreed, but, he’d have none of the reason and rationale I provided. Sadly, before I saw what is to follow, I had already told him I’d give him the last word and leave him alone about the subject.

It would be difficult for anyone to reconcile what is to follow with his position ……….


Note the people of color, even some waving the flags ….


As President Obama arrived at his Oklahoma City hotel last night, he was met by a group of several dozen people defiantly waving Confederate flags.

(photo via the Associated Press)

According to reports, the group…

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