Snow, Ice, And Drake’s Passage!!!!!

suyts space

As the lunatics fret about a hotting world, this is happening.


The creep towards Drake’s passage isn’t insignificant. Indeed, it’s a third of the way there, and will probably be about half-way there before the Southern Hemisphere’s ice growth season has ended.

The orange line represents the supposed norm for the day the measurements were taken.

Here’s how the SH sea ice extent looks on a graph ….


Graph is in millions sq/km. Source

In the meantime, this is happening in North America over the same time period ….


Graph is in sq/km. Source

So, the theory goes that the poles will warm the fastest, first, in a CO2 global warming notion. The equatorial regions will not warm the fastest under the current theory. And, yet, we have more sea ice in the SH and more snow in the NH. Sounds about right …… if one is an idiotic warmist…

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