The Unrelenting Death Spiral Of The Arctic Sea Ice Demonstrated Over The Last 10+ Years!!!!!!!

suyts space

The world is clearly doomed by this!


Yeh, it’s one of those horrid death spirals you can’t actually see/quantify/measure.

Note: The graph is intentionally biased to have a downward trend because of the start date. ….. Well, here’s how it would look if I started it on the day after the most recent measurements, 2005.


Source for the graphs is here.

I think we’re done here, people.

The true trend of the ice extent (from 2005 to present) would be almost exactly the trends averaged. That is to say, the start dates are almost exactly the difference between the peaks and the troughs of the graph. ….. ~ a weeks difference, perhaps. We don’t have a definitive date for either the peak or trough … But, these graphs make it inescapable and inarguable that the arctic isn’t melting away.

Did it somewhat decline from the extent it had in…

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