EPA Head …… The EPA Doesn’t Do Science! ….. And Apparently Can’t Do Math, Either

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Well, this is going to be another twelve pack contemplating this madness.

So, McCarthy, the EPA head was at a Senate hearing to discuss Lamar Smith’s proposed bill which would require the EPA to make public the underlying science they base their idiotic decisions on.

Of course, there isn’t any science. It’s just a leftist organization the idiotic congress decided to give authority to.

My bold …..

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy took a drumming yesterdaywhen she refused to release the ‘secret science’ her agency used when drafting new regulations. Testifying before the House Science, Space and Technology committee, Rep. Lamar Smith (R) began the Q&A by asking McCarthy why she wouldn’t release the studies and data in which her regulations are based. Rep. Smith told McCarthy that his ‘secret science’ reform act would make the data public without interfering in the EPA’s primary job and maintaining the confidentiality of…

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