Wind Energy Costs Study!!!! More Validation For Suyts Space!

suyts space


Well, I’m certainly not the only one to write extensively about these issues, but, I used to write about them often. I’ve slowed down on doing it, because, I’m mostly preaching to the choir, here, and it seems to fall on deaf ears for anyone else.

At Townhall, we see this ….

Study: Cost of Generating Wind Electricity 48% Higher Than Previous Estimates

A study released Tuesday morning concludes that the true cost of wind energy is 48 percent high than previous studies have estimated.

The study titled, “The True Cost of Energy; Wind,” was conducted by the Institute of Political Economy at Utah State University, and given to Townhall exclusively. They came to this conclusion by looking at implicit costs that a variety of other studies — including studies from the Department of Energy and the Institute for Energy Research — did not account for. ……

Now, before…

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