Ten Years Ago …….

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This is a heartbreaking commonality we have with our cousins abroad.

It isn’t that we have common enemies. That is to be expected. In spite of nearly 250 years of separation, we still have very much in common with the UK. And, in spite of our current leaders, there is, indeed, a special kinship, a special bond between the people of the US and of the UK.

What is heartbreaking, to me, anyway, is the inexplicable insane reactions each nation has had towards these horrid acts of terrorism.

Oh, sure, both nations have bombed and killed the crap out of some people, toppled a regime or two, and this is suppose to make the people of each nation feel better. But, other than to constrain and thwart the liberties of our own citizens, neither nation has done much towards actually making the people safer from such madness. To the contrary…

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