More Validation Of Suyts Space!!! College Education!!! ….. They’re Almost There!!! And A Suyts Flashback!

suyts space


So, last February the pinhead-in-Chief proposed a student loan forgiveness scheme. And, in response, I wrote yet another piece as to why giving away money to random children is bad for the children, the colleges, and the general populace ….. I’ll excerpt from it in a minute.

Today, we see this …..

Fed research: Student aid mostly raises the price of college tuition

Increasing federal student aid leads colleges to raise tuitions, offsetting the benefit to students, according to new research published by economists with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The new analysis finds that the majority of an increase in subsidized student loans or grants translates to higher tuitions, and that at least in the short run, added loans do not boost enrollment.

“[W]hile one would expect a student aid expansion to benefit recipients, the subsidized loan expansion could have been to their detriment, on net, because…

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