Tweet Of The Day!!!!! The Fantastical And Fanatical World Of Leftards Exposed By The NY Times!!!!

suyts space


Yes, these are both images of current Cuba.

So, the NY Times had this to say ……

The lenses of fanatical socialism (there’s no other kind) are so fixed they will refuse to see reality. Many times, I’ve seen where leftards held Cuba up as some idiotic sort of example of the Utopia socialism will bring you. But, it’s all imaginary. None of it is real.

The poverty and hardships the Cuban people have had to go through since Castro took over is well documented, along with the loss of lives and freedom for people who wished for better.

The notion Cuba’s environment is somehow to be more desirable than a semi-socialist state (we all are living in a semi-socialist state, if not an outright socialist state) is beyond absurd, it is a patently false notion.

It’s difficult to distinguish between the ignorance of a leftard and the overt act…

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