LSM Simply Doesn’t Want To Hear Truth …… Trump Out Of Everything NBC

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Look, I’m no fan of Trump. I think he’s a blowhard.

But, here’s what the boy said …..

NBC cut ties with Trump after he, in his announcement to run for president, described immigrants from Mexico as

Now, mind you, I disagree with this statement. I assume are good people who immigrate here, both legally and illegally.

But, it begs the question as to why people are immigrating here. Why?

It’s because there’s a better opportunity for a better life here, than where they’ve come from. But, why is that? Why is it better here, than there, where ever “there” may be? Why?

Because the society and culture here is better than the place they’ve come from. It’s as simple as that. This isn’t unique to the US. This is happening all over the world. People move to places which afford the best opportunities, and move to escape to problems…

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