Bonus Gems!!!! June 29 Scripture Selection: Psalm 45-46

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Apparently, I lost a day, June 29, to be more precise. For anyone who became confused about our calendar, I apologize. We don’t really skip June 29 and have just a June 30 in its place.

In this particular instance, we can’t very well just skip the Bible reading and message and go on. So, for completeness, here’s the post I neglected to post.

Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

June 29 Scripture Selection: Psalm 45-46

Food for Thought: Ps. 45:2-5; 13-15

The most fabulous, regal wedding is soon coming! It is not only the wedding of the century, but of all eternity. And the happy couple, arrayed with adornment and raiment of the highest of elegance, is the most celebrated and prominent ever to be.

The majestic Bridegroom is King Jesus Himself. The Word makes several references to Him as the Bridegroom, among which are Mark 2:19 (“And Jesus said…

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