I only ask because I want to know

Watts Up With That?

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

I propose to raise a question about the Earth’s energy budget that has perplexed me for some years. Since further evidence in relation to my long-standing question is to hand, it is worth asking for answers from the expert community at WUWT.

A.E. Housman, in his immortal parody of the elegiac bromides often perpetrated by the choruses in the stage-plays of classical Greece, gives this line as an example:

I only ask because I want to know.

This sentiment is not as fatuous as it seems at first blush. Another chorus might say:

I ask because I want to make a point.

I begin by saying:

You say I aim to score a point. Not so:

I only ask because I want to know.

Last time I raised the question, in another blog, more heat than light was generated because the proprietrix had erroneously assumed…

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