While Poley Bears Now Feast On Dolphins Because Of Global Warming …. This Is Possible

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Note! The graph is intentionally biased to trend downward ….. but, it doesn’t! Source

So, there’s a moronic article making its rounds among the climate lunatic sites. I’d give you a link, but, just Google …. or Bing, or whatever “polar bears dolphins” and you can find several different iterations of the same story.

Apparently, for the first time ever!!!!! Some polar bear ate a couple of dolphins.

Now, mind you, no one observed how the bears came by the dolphins, it was just surmised. The eating of the dolphins is what was observed.

Apparently, it is because of global warming is why and how this happened. The reasoning when like this …..

The dolphins went to the arctic because it was ice free, then, they got trapped by more ice (in the arctic) during the Spring (not Winter as reported by some imbecilic outlets … Slate and…

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