Time To Push Back!!!! I Don’t Even Like Cakes …… But, I’m Going To Open A Bakery!!

suyts space


This is the last time I’m going to see a story like this without me getting loud and maniacal. This is utter idiocy.

So, it’s all over the news, lately …… another bakery was targeted by militant homosexuals faggots.

Actor Defends Christian Bakers Who Were Fined for Refusing to Ice a Gay ‘Bert and Ernie’ Cake

You know, I’m sick of this $hit!

Look, I don’t care if you want to be with someone of the same sex, or not. I truly don’t care. I can’t afford to care. You’ve been told. You’ve been shown how devastating it is be have same sex partners … (Hep B, AIDS) … I don’t have to worry about it, personally. But, beyond that, I simply don’t agree it is a proper way to live. Nothing more needs to be stated. I simply don’t agree.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certain I live in…

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