And, Then, There’s This With The TSA ……

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Investigation: Undercover agents snuck fake explosives, banned weapons past TSA

Undercover agents were able to sneak fake explosives and banned weapons through Transportation Security Administration checkpoints, in an investigation that revealed a massive, system-wide security failure at America’s airports.

The findings were part of a DHS inspector general probe. The report is still classified, but Fox News has confirmed the investigation found security failures at dozens of airports.


In one case, an undercover agent with a fake bomb strapped to his back set off a magnetometer — but the screener still failed to find it. ……..

However, this article fails to acknowledge the success rate the screeners have in “copping a feel” …… which is at about 96%.

To quote a popular actor from a former popular TV series ……

And, this is why we have to have conversations about how we keep Americans safe! Sure, it sounds reasonable…

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