Satellite Sea Levels Alert Ocean Goers To Bumpy Road SE Of Africa!!!!

suyts space

Well, this is so realz!!!!!! We know that satellite sea levels are accurate to the mm, so, this has to be true!!!!

I thought I’d check in on our sea level fiction writers, today. They didn’t disappoint.

You can see the image below here.


Yes, yes, the temps, which are not rising, will cause the thermal expansion of water and drown us all …. or something. That’s been hashed, and rehashed, and isn’t interesting, anymore, mostly because it is supreme idiocy to believe such nonsense. But, check out the map just south and then east of Africa! …..


Oh, yes, that’s so probably true!!!! Everything was just fine as 60 deg south, but, now, because of climate change/global warming, we’ve a succession of hills and valleys in the middle of our oceans!!!!!!! Vasco da Gama could never make it in the imaginary world of the satellite lunatics!!!!

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