Remember When The Unanimity Of Our Temp Records Confirmed Global Warming?

suyts space

Back in the day, the lunatics used to point to the unanimity of our temp records, both land and satellite temps as proof of global warming. They were all so congruent!

That was then.


Now, here’s GISS and RSS over the last 16+ years.


Just one more bit of their idiocy which as totally turned to $hit on them.

There are several reasons for this, none of which as anything to do with actual temperatures.

The early part of the satellite records will naturally be congruent with land gathered temps, because that’s how one trains new technology … that is you bring it into conformance with what you believe you already “know”.

But, with the temps, we see very notable divergence, now. What’s changed? …..

While it’s true, the satellite data has gone through revisions, the revisions have been made (both RSS and UAH) to reflect reality, as best as…

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